The supplier and consignee listed below agree to be bound by the conditions set out in Annex A and, where applicable, Annex B, in order to regulate the transfer of the original equipment described in this Annex. Each Party declares that it has not made any changes to Annex A or attached Annex B, published by the Association of University Technology Managers and available on its website, unless it has been modified by the boxes checked in Appendix B. An agreement on the transfer of human tissues is not necessary if the transfer is clearly mentioned in the research/clinical study agreement. If this is not the case, a human tissue transfer agreement is required, unless the sponsor prefers to modify the existing agreement. An MTA is a legal contract setting out the conditions for the transfer of human tissue samples from the owner to a third party. It must ensure that the receiving organisation complies with the UCL Directive on storage, data protection, health and safety, distribution, return and disposal, security, trade, audit and compliance with the Human Tissue Act. This letter of execution is effective if it has been signed by all parties. The parties executing this execution letter confirm that their respective organizations have accepted and signed an unchanged copy of the UBMTA and also agree to be bound by their transfer terms. Human tissue stored under an HTA licence should be transferred to a location where there is also an HTA licence, unless the recipient provides for ethical authorisation. .