(a) corrections, transfers of an undertaking from one Annex to another or, in exceptional cases, other amendments to Appendices I to IV shall be communicated to the Committee, together with information on the likely consequences of the amendment for the mutually agreed scope of this Agreement. Where corrections, transfers or other modifications are of a purely formal or minor nature, they shall take effect, except within thirty days. In other cases, the chairman of the committee shall immediately convene a meeting of the committee. The Committee shall examine the proposal and all requests for compensatory adjustments in order to maintain a balance between rights and obligations and a comparable level of mutually agreed coverage, as provided for in this Agreement prior to such notification. In the absence of an agreement, the case may be followed up in accordance with Article XXII. 1. Each Party shall encourage entities to specify the conditions, including any derogation from competitive tendering procedures or access to challenge procedures in which tenders are implemented by suppliers in countries that are not parties to this Agreement but that accept the following conditions to ensure the transparency of their own government procurement: 4. Confidential information which would be made available to each Party and which would impede prosecution or otherwise violate the public In the absence of a formal authorisation for information, no formal authorisation for the communication of information may be disclosed, nor may it prejudice or be likely to affect the legitimate interest of certain public or private undertakings in matters of commercial law. To the extent that such information is available, each Party shall provide statistics on the country of origin of goods and services purchased by its institutions. In order to ensure the comparison of these statistics, the Committee shall provide guidance on the methods to be followed. In order to ensure effective monitoring of the government procurement covered by this Agreement, the Committee may decide unanimously to amend the requirements set out in points (a) to (d) as regards the nature and extent of the statistical information to be provided, as well as the breakdowns and classifications to be used. .

. .