In the service, public safety officers can help employees who need a key card. Emerging situations requiring the immediate attention of a public safety officer may delay the proper production and allocation of conditional access card privileges in small cases. New employees can receive access cards, also known as “key cards” or “access cards,” by asking an immediate supervisor to contact public Safety by email. Key card requests should include the person`s name, the department in which they work, and the specific areas and doors for which access is requested. Outdoor door keys are never distributed to consultants or contractors. No exceptions should be made. However, access cards can be issued if necessary if they are approved in writing by the relevant university director. A department manager can identify an area within a department that requires a higher level of security due to equipment sensitivity or a concentration of expensive high-tech devices. In these cases, the equipment is added to the requesting service fee access order. Access cards for staff in an expanded security area can be programmed to provide the desired restricted access. In public spaces such as toilets, there should never be specific security locks.

Institutions recognize two types of consultants and contractors: those who are under contract with the college and those who are not. Institutional department staff can provide a number of keys, including specific access keys to certain areas, both to the types of consultants and to contractors who depend on the accumulation of specific requirements for their relationship with the university. All key transactions must be made with facility staff on normal days/hours of work. Normal working days/hours are Monday to Thursday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Lost or stolen keys must be immediately reported to facilities and public safety. Building-specific main keys are installed in all Knox boxes in the building to allow access to the emergency response of firefighters in accordance with legal compliance requirements. Lost cards must be immediately reported to public safety. Call 541-463-5558 and tell an agent that the card has been lost. If an official is not available, leave a message that your card is lost. Be sure to provide your name and all other relevant information.