He called back 30 minutes later said, no, it`s not I said, wanted to cancel, then said he can`t have, not have a deposit back, I said about The distance sale and he said no He had marked it as sold – it was literally 10 min. In other words, once you sign a car sales contract for a non-refundable deposit, you could get stuck. Over the years, we have seen many complaints from consumers who thought they had the right to get their money back. And with merchants demanding payments of up to $1,000 or more in some cases, it`s losing a lot of money. All in all, if you return from the store, the merchant will not refund your deposit. In this case, the trader should clearly state the non-refundable clause in his directives. If you do not purchase the vehicle for any reason other than force majeure, the non-refundable clause is the safe haven for the car dealership. Don`t rush to make this deposit. Do not leave a deposit until you are absolutely sure you want the vehicle.

Traders sometimes push customers, say that the offer is good only for today or there are other interested buyers and a deposit is needed to keep the vehicle. Don`t bite. Hello. I wondered if you can help me with my problem, I found an ad on AutoTrader and I called the dealer to ask if the car is still available. I was told that if I wanted to book a car, I would have to pay 500 pounds of deposit that I made on the same day. After a week, they went to see the car at the dealership. I noticed that there were few problems with the car as scratches on the alloy and some scratches throughout the car and seat cover. I was told by the sales mam that the car is manufactured and they will change the alloy, fix all the varnishes and prepere a car for me to be in excellent condition. This car is almost all new 2016 drive. After that, I paid an additional deposit of 2500 for the car because I wanted to choose ps financing with the first payment of 3000 pounds. I was told that they would prepare the car that they would do all the work, and they would deliver it home. Two days later, I received a financial document by email that I signed and I send it back by email.

When they came to deliver the car, I noticed that the car had even more scratches and bumps and I refused to let the van be returned to a dealership. They called me to apologize and promised to fix everything and deliver the car in the next few days. The car`s at the dealership. Can I cancel my lease and get the deposit back? Please help hello thanks to this information another matter if I had signed an order form and we agreed to a financing contract, but the financial company had changed that and I said I wanted to cancel what can happen with my deposit. It was only when I got up to go that I heard the seller say that the price of the lifting gear was not included. That`s why I backed down, because if the price didn`t fit the lifting machine, the numbers made no sense. The unacceptable attitude followed only after I paid the down payment. Hello, I recently, but a deposit of 500 dollars on one I did not see the car as they said they had to take it out of another garage.

I didn`t sign anything, but if I looked at it, I can`t afford it. I called to cancel it, considering it`s not even in the garage and they said I can`t get my deposit back.