As I said before, the #1 opportunity to win a beauty check is to sell products to others. This is called personal volume (PV). Each consultant starts with a basic retail commission of 25% on products sold at the selling price. This percentage of commission increases when you sell more products. As this percentage increases by more than 25%, it is called a personal sales bonus. A: Whoop! Get ready for your world! Becoming a beautyco consultant is more than simple. Sign up on your website. There is never a product purchase required. (But of course, if you`ve produced, it certainly helps you make sales since you can share your experience!) You have the option to buy a starter kit that is a set of products, has been discounted 40-45%. This is a lower discount than the usual 25% discount for consultants, and depending on the situation, it may be helpful to buy one. That is a lot, but it is not mandatory.

There are only three conditions to become a beautyco consultant. They must be at least 18 years old, live in the United States or Canada and pay a registration fee of $98. I have heard countless stories of amazing counselors in this community, and Beautycounter has literally changed the lives of these women. Yes, many counsellors like to beautycounter because it is flexible and on your terms and allows them to work from home with their children (or their dog, or, let`s be honest, in their jammies). The cost of registration is $85. This includes your personal website and access to your consultant homepage, which includes personalized training. They call it, they offer it for you! You will also get a variety of business tools to start your business strongly. As an option, you can also purchase one of Beautycounter`s consultant kits ranging from 218 to 729 $US. You can even get $100 back into the product credit the first month you sign up! And yes, I earn a percentage of the turnover of those who register among me. However, I only get 5-9% of their turnover, compared to 25-35% of mine. So I`m really motivated to do my own business.