UnwKMO executive compensation relates to the remuneration of Key Management Personnel (KMP), Senior Executive Service (SES) and other highly paid employees. Tables 7.11 and 7.12 list the remuneration of kmP and SES employees. In the period up to June 30, 2019, UNWTO did not identify any other highly paid employees. Agora can also help governments, trade unions and private companies develop affordable and fair enterprise agreements. In line with the ABS` 2015-2019 work strategy, the ABS is restructuring its staff capacity to ensure that we have the right people with the right skills to make transformations. ComSuper employees recently voted to increase wages, making the 450-employee agency the first SPG employer to negotiate and approve a salary contract under the framework. This is, in addition to NBN Co. recently approved a new contract and salary offer with employees. These agreements can set the direction for other agencies and staff. Table 7.13 presents employment plans for abS workers as of June 30, 2019, in accordance with the Public Service Act 1999. We need to think about what our colleagues at the CPSU are doing. At the National Advisory Forum on 24 July, the CPSU made it clear that it intends to begin enterprise negotiations in October 2019.

The APSC says that to date, 25 agencies have used regulations instead of new business agreements. The ASU believes that these include the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Finance, which, as part of the government`s 2014 negotiating policy, has entered into enterprise agreements that have significantly reduced employment conditions. The CPSU would be aware of the alternative of supporting a determination of the department secretary instead of enterprise bargaining. The use of this alternative is limited. It is not available when the Agency formally begins business negotiations. This alternative may be acceptable, as it would maintain the protocol of the ATO Enterprise 2017 agreement. The negotiating policy does not prevent us from negotiating its policy and practice separately with the Agency, which is always available.