Reaffirming his common belief that peace and complete normalization among them can help transform the Middle East by stimulating economic growth, fostering technological innovation and strengthening ties between citizens, Tel Aviv-Yafo City Mayor Ron Huldai congratulated Netanyahu on the “double achievement” of peace with the United Arab Emirates and for the review of the plans. [38] Huldai also lit up Tel Aviv City Hall with the VaE flag. [39] Gantz thanked Trump, Netanyahu and Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan for the march of the peace agreement and said he was showing an alliance among Middle Eastern nations that wanted stability and mutual cooperation. He also showed Israel`s eternal desire to make peace with neighbouring countries in favour of him, while strengthening Israel`s image on the world stage and creating a better future for the region. [35] Netanyahu, interviewed by journalists, admitted that negotiations with the United Arab Emirates were secret because the United States asked him to do so. [36] Probably the earliest recorded peace treaty, although rarely mentioned or recalled, was between the Hethian Empire and the Hayasa-Azzi Confederacy, circa 1350 BC. More famously, one of the first recorded peace agreements between the hemetic and Egyptian empires was concluded after the Battle of Kadesh in 1274 BC (see Egyptian-Russian Peace Treaty). The battle took place in Syria today, the whole Levant was then taking place between the two empires. After an extremely costly four-day battle, in which neither side gained a substantial advantage, both sides claimed victory. The lack of solution led to further conflicts between Egypt and the Hethians, Ramesses II conquering the city of Kadesh and Amurru in its eighth year of rule.

[12] The prospect of another long-running conflict between the two states finally convinced their two leaders, Hatusili-III. Ramesses to end their dispute and sign a peace treaty. Neither side could afford the possibility of a longer conflict, for it was threatened by other enemies: Egypt faced the task of defending its long western border with Libya against the invasion of Libya by Libyan tribes, by building a chain of fortresses that stretched from Mersa Matruh to Rakotis, and the Hethitians faced a more powerful threat in the form of the Assyrian empire. the “Hanigalbat, the nucleus of Mitanni, between the Tigris and the Euphrates,” which was previously a heretical Vassalian state. [13] British Prime Minister Boris Johnson hailed the agreement as a path to peace in the Middle East and also welcomed the suspension of the annexation of territories in the West Bank.