1.1. Rapaportacademy.com (the “website”) provides access to Rapaport Academy services, which include certain e-learning and training courses, materials and other materials, whether they exist now or are developed and offered later by the licensee for the diamond, gemstone and jewellery industry (Rapaport Academy). Academy rapaport courses and course materials are delivered online over the Internet via standard web browsing programs and can be accessed, as is expressly permitted with respect to this license agreement and the applicable registration agreement. By acquiring a license to use the Coaching Workshop for Christian Executives, the user agrees and agrees to meet the following general conditions related to the use of the coaching workshop. This end-user license agreement (the “agreement”) is entered into from the date of purchase by you and between you (the “licensee”) and Active Results LLC, its affiliates, representatives, successors and authorized beneficiaries of the transfer (hereinafter referred to as “licensees”) of a Washington-based company at 232 174.PL NE, Bellevue, WA, 98008, United States of America. 2.3 E-learning and video-library can only be accessed through the SAS website, and the licensee cannot store and reuse the offline learning or video library or otherwise access it without entering into a separate agreement with SAS. The licensee can print screen pages for the individual use of the licensee. The licensee may not duplicate or reproduce printed screens or distribute printed screens to other persons or persons. d. The licensee undertakes to purchase training materials for each participant from the licensee at the respective price and not to offer training without the equipment.

9.3 The maximum amount that the licensee can recover for all claims related to matters covered by this Agreement or that the use of e-learning or video library is limited to the royalties that the licensee receives for the training at issue during the corresponding licence period. Under this licensing agreement, the purchaser may adapt the training material for training purposes. These include location and translation for educational purposes. If you use creative tools to customize this course, you can add, review, edit and delete the content of this course before publishing the course to use in your organization. Notwithstanding the contrary provisions of this Agreement, you are not allowed to copy, reproduce, edit, edit, download, sell, rent, transfer or otherwise distribute course documents or other copies of these documents, or to allow others to use course or course materials or copies of them. Do not decompile, decompile or copy course or course materials for other electronic or print formats.