If you have used a debit or credit card, go to the customer service department who will print you another receipt. I`m on the side that the LSA is a big scam. Bought a Drill-Driver set, registered 3 days later, printed the page where my registration was checked and it could take 3 weeks. 5 weeks later, still no response, so I contacted them and told me they could not check the receipt. I send everything I have and I wait again. Still no answer. Calling them all the time and always, and all they can tell me is that it takes time. Guess, 90 days pass, still no answer, and now tell me it`s too late. Not impressed, neither Ridgid nor Home Depot will each see another dime of my money. Your proposal of 6 to 12 weeks of compressor repair is unacceptable. It took you five days to respond to my initial email request. It`s poor customer service.

Being without tools for 6 to 12 weeks is unacceptable. He could also buy a new tool, something other than Ridgit. I absolutely agree!! Had the same problems with the check-in process as well as their customer service employees only trying to find a spare! He just called ridgid for the service. The batteries are dead on my 12vt light/drilling combo. New batteries are due in 7 days — no charge for me. Oh, and they called right away! My first attempt to record a ridgid compact router failed because of the site method. You now need the original receipt to verify the purchase. The only reason I bought the Ridgid tool on the alternatives was the so-called warranty.

Customer service was unable to deal with the problem over the phone. So the tool is down. I don`t remember where I saw it (sorry if it was an email or a comment to which I hadn`t yet responded!), but someone somewhere recently asked if it was worth buying Ridgid power tools because of their lifetime service contract, which, if you properly register your tools, means free batteries, parts and service. Why play games with registration? Either the tool is or is not guaranteed and it is a “lifetime” guarantee, so why take care of it if you bought it or if you need this documentation? If there is a valid serial number, it should be processed at the end of the story. A detailed explanation of what needs to be taken to protect the data about the information provided in the context of notifications about your WWW.RIDGID.COM tool will be taken to preserve the data provided by your RIDGID® MARQUE tool. This product is manufactured by One World Technologies, Inc. The brand becomes a licensed by RIDGID, Inc. TIP TO REGISTER LSA! I`m not sure it was said, but a tip I recently divided someone into an assessment on the HD site offered to buy online and pick up in the store for an easier LSA check-in – since the transaction is done electronically, the purchase is easier returned crosswise.