To divert, you probably consider the strictest surveillance agreements that your state has to offer, which would undoubtedly include the longest contract in your state (which varies) and narcotic passport restrictions for at least 6 months. Other likely contractual provisions would be: no 3rd position, no overtime, no more than two 12-hour shifts in a row, regular drug and alcohol testing, possible hospital or outpatient treatment, possible therapies and psychiatry, possible drug medications, periodic meetings and support groups, a site monitor who must submit quarterly reports. My question is: What is the standard monitoring arrangement for this kind of thing? If I am free to return to a soil maintenance position, what are the standard rules? To be able to operate a ground care center, I cannot have restrictions such as: narcotics or surveillance restrictions. (Nurses are all carers on NAC`s soil) Could you tell me your whole story so I know what I can watch? If you don`t want to share, I get it. Very nervous about this whole process. Did you do IOP? When did you get your supervisory agreement? Lawyer as soon as possible, so they get the best monitoring contract to protect your livelihood. As soon as you sign it, that`s it. Better to have a lawyer now than to regret signing a contract in which you are stuck for the next few years of your life. My DON asked me to register with TNPAP to register my license. My DON created a non-healing position for me while I completed outpatient TNPAP therapy (which is 20 sessions) and individual counseling, but I have not yet received my monitoring aggrement. I`ve done negative tests on all the drug screens. Standard`s first TnPap contract is 3 years, two 12-step meetings per week, one Birchwood meeting online per week, and your individual follow-up/therapy needs will be based on what your IOP recommends upon release. Mine was met with a therapist for at least three months, and it was at her discretion when I could stop.

Some are not so lucky and are responsible for conducting follow-up meetings at the discretion of the IOP for a year in addition to the necessary 12 Step -Birchwood. No no. Without being contaminated. I have to limit my practice to the state of NT, but my compact status will be reintroduced once I have concluded the contract.